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About Karuppaswamy Builders

Karuppasamy Builders is a consortium of builders who aim to create the ideal homes people love and yearn to have. The company has been in the field of construction for the past twenty years and as such, have a number of milestones under their belt.

Thanks to years of experience, sharpening their skills Karuppasama Builders are experts in crafting residential complexes and individual residential units. At present, they have built around 100 independent houses, made more that 350 residential units dotted around Chennai and Porur.

The illustrious company was founded in 1998

The illustrious company was founded in 1998, by Mr. R. S. Sivasaravanan, an accomplished and talented Civil Engineering alumni hailing from the Coimbatore Institute of Technology, with a deep and storied degree of experience in the construction field. With Mr. Sivasaravanan’s guidance and knowledge in the field, a strong base for the company was fully established.

What makes Karuppasamy Builders stand above the rest in affordable housing cannot be trickled down into a single sentence. Instead there are a number of factors and ideas that all seamlessly blend together, making the company the finest choice for your housing needs. Some of these marks include using high quality building materials in all their housing projects, an efficient and smart design to ensure that there is no wastage of space, an adherence to delivering a finished product on time all the time, a creative and innovative cadre of minds who can satisfy all the customers needs and architectural tastes, full transparency at all times and no hidden costs.

As such, the company has garnered acclaim for their trendy and innovative designs. Their flair for talent and their association with Mahendra Construction is proof that this company is sure to see more and more prosperous growth in the years to come. In the end, if you’re looking for the right kind of people to build your dream home then Karuppasamy Builders is the right choice all the time.

A Proven Record

The company has since then continued to grow and evolve over the years, to the point where it continually adapts to meet the new trends of the ever-changing world of housing. At present, the company’s desire to incorporate the new age trends and looks prevailing the market today has led to the inculcation of many young and vibrant talents, with an eye for contemporary design. The company has recently made an allice with CEO of Mahendra Construction Mr. Karthick Mahendran, a talented and accomplished civil engineer from Auckland New Zealand, thus taking another step forward in development.

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